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My Astronomical Equipment…


Main Telescope:


Make: Celestron (SCT)

Optical Design: Celestron Catadioptric Telescope

Optical Coatings: Starbright

Diameter = 355.6mm (14″)

Focal Lenght = 3910mm

Secondary Mirror Diameter = 114mm

F/Ratio = F/11

Highest Practical Power = 840x

Faintest Stellar Magnitude 15.3

Light Gathering Power = 2581x (Human Eye)

Resolving Power = 0.33 arc seconds

12x60mm Right Angled Finder Scope (Lenses can be changed)


Mount & Drive:

Celestron G-11 EQ Mount

Heavy Duty Pier Mounted – In Observatory

Losmandy Gemini 1 GOTO System

Full GPS Module


Guiding Equipment:

None at the moment


Photographic Equipment:

None at the moment


Video/Camera Equipment:

None at the Moment


Eyepieces & Accessories:

(2″) 30mm Meade UWA Eyepiece

(2″) 32mm GSO Eyepiece

(1.25″) 25mm GSO Plossl Eyepiece

(1.25″) 26mm Meade Plossl Eyepiece

(1.25″) 15mm SW Ultra Wide Eyepiece (F.O.V 66°)

(1.25″) 10mm SW Plossl Eyepiece

(1.25″) 5mm SW Plossl Eyepiece

(1.25″) 2mm SW Plossl Eyepiece

(1.25″) 2x Barlow Lens with Camera Adapter

(1.25″) Various Planet & Nebula Filters

GSO 1.25″ UV/IR Cutt-Off Filter

Dual Focal Reducer: f/3 & f/5

Meade Series 4000 f/6.3 Focal Reducer

HOTECH 2″ SCA Laser Collimator

Laser pointer 500mw

EOS T-Ring Adapter

Thousand Oaks – RG Filter for Telescope

Custom Made Dew Shield



Webcam Max




Photoshop CS6


Perfect Photo Suite

Astro Tools

iCap Software



Secondary Telescope:IMGP1314.1


Make: MEADE – Model 2080 (The Henderson Telescope)

Optical Design: Schmidt-Cassegrain Catadioptric

Optical Coatings: Clear Glass – Standard Coating

Clear Aperture = 203.0mm (8″)

Focal Lenght = 2000mm

F/Ratio = F/10

Faintest Stellar Magnitude 14.0

Resolving Power = 0.56 arc seconds

6x30mm View Finder Scope

Standard Accessories


Mount & Drive:

Fork Type – Double Tine

Straight Tracking – Electric Motor Drive – No Hand Controller

Mounted on Equatorial Wedge

#Classic Telescope

Mainly used for Outreaches / Events






My Observatory located outside George – Farm Marischel, WC, ZA.

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